The trend to buy local is a movement that continues to gain steam. Your credit union is an important business in your community so get your credit union local exposure with Gas Station TV (GSTV). Advertising with GSTV is one surefire way to convert community members to credit union members. It’s a failsafe and cost-effective way of marketing your credit union to community members while they’re filling up at the pump.

We all are aware of the challenges of attracting a potential member’s attention due to the many mobile distractions available. With GSTV, you are guaranteed a captive audience at the pump. And, research shows that 88 percent of those pumping gas say they enjoy watching GSTV ads so you can count on value-added exposure.

The magic of GSTV is that it geo-targets your audience. You can access audiences within a 5-mile radius of your branches or tailor the reach. Localize your media buys to the gas station owner next door or create a campaign to advertise across the state.

Based on a recent study, GSTV will get you the results you want:

  • Increased Awareness – Credit unions report a 79 percent increase in brand awareness
  • Enhanced Membership Potential – 66 percent of viewers consider joining a credit union
  • More Memorable Advertising – Delivers 2x higher ad recall than television advertising
  • Greater Likelihood to Add Accounts – Viewers are 11 percent more likely to acquire a new checking or savings account
  • Better Opportunities to Market to Millennials – 69 percent of viewers are ages 18-49, and 41 percent are millennials ages18-34

GSTV gives your credit union the flexibility to customize your ad so you decide what key messaging you want conveyed. Are you opening a new branch? Hosting a financial literacy event? Offering a new loan product or promoting a special offer? GSTV makes it easier to spread the word to a specific audience. But if you would rather keep your messaging simple, use the design developed by GSTV’s in-house production and creative services team to draw traffic to your website. Either way your credit union will be displayed front and center to the hard-to-reach, on-the-go consumer.

Running a GSTV promo is an extremely cost-effective way to drive local awareness and boost membership. As a credit union, you will also enjoy an exclusive, 30 percent reduced rate from GSTV.

If you are interested in learning more about GSTV, please contact your league representative or our national sales consultant Shana Sistek at: or 734.377.4336 to schedule a customized webinar.