From LSCU President/CEO Patrick La Pine: We are in the third week of the federal government shutdown with little optimism that it will soon end. This trying situation does provide opportunity for credit unions to once again actively demonstrate our “People Helping People” philosophy.

Many of you are already offering mortgage loan forbearance, consumer and credit card payment deferment, short-term and low-interest loans, and financial counseling on how best to navigate through this tough time.

The League’s Communications team is in the process of identifying the various ways that our Alabama and Florida credit unions are offering help to both federal employees and government contract employees impacted by the shutdown. This public-facing communication initiative will include a press release to the trades and state media with updates based on the duration of this event, emails to our lawmakers at the state and federal level, as well as social media posts and Op-eds highlighting the various ways credit unions are meeting member and community needs.

Please take a moment to send us a summary of what your credit union is doing for your current or potential members to help them survive this crisis. Every effort will be recognized in our summaries, and we especially want Congress to know firsthand how our credit unions are responding. Summaries may be sent to or feel free to send them directly to me.

As time goes on, this difficult situation will only deteriorate for so many Americans, but as always credit unions stand ready to help our members.