Data breaches continue to consistently pop up across the world. With each month, they become more complex. A new report shows that thieves are finding new, inventive ways to find consumer’s information. Once that information is gathered, it can be sold, or bought, on the black market. IDology calls this type of behavior “perfect” because it can simulate a perfect identity match for a consumer. In turn, the thief can open or access the consumer’s financial accounts.

In a new study, IDology found that information theft rose 20 percent in 2015 from 2014 and account take overs was up six percent in 2015 over 2014. Sixty-one percent of respondents feel that shifting fraud tactics is the top concern for companies when it comes to fraud prevention. For credit unions, they realize the clear need to employ necessary identity verification and fraud prevention solutions to ensure a member is indeed a legitimate member and not a fraudster with “perfect” identity information in hand.

Other findings in the study shows that website applications is a growing fraud tactic. EMV chip cards has moved thieves attention to online applications. For credit unions, an updated and comprehensive verification process is needed to keep the thieves from gaining access or opening a fraudulent account. Mobile fraud and call center fraud are also increasing.

Credit unions can download the full report from IDology’s website.