The state of Florida has posted an ad for the Florida Commissioner of Financial Regulation position in Tallahassee, FL. The search is being re-opened months after it first was listed and left vacant despite many applicants. Making this position of particular interest to the credit union industry, the office is responsible for regulatory oversight of state-chartered financial institutions, securities firms, finance companies, money services businesses, and debt collectors. The commissioner is responsible for overseeing the chartering, licensing, supervision, and examination of state-chartered credit unions.

According to the Tampa Bay Tribune, “The Cabinet apparently chose to leave the position open to the new governor and cabinet, which took office this month.”

The commissioner serves as the agency head for purposes of final agency action for all areas within the regulatory authority delegated to the office. The commissioner is appointed by, and reports to, the Financial Services Commission.

Applications will be accepted through Feb. 14. For the full ad, read here.

If you have questions or are interested in the position, contact LSCU’s Senior VP, Association Services & Governmental Affairs Jared Ross.