Florida Gov. Rick Scott is calling for $1 billion in tax cuts and $250 million for recruiting business to Florida. The governor released his budget recommendations on Monday at Harbinger Sign, a sign manufacturing company in Jacksonville. He chose the location to emphasize his push for major tax cuts in the budget. He also talked about improving the coordination of mental health services and upgrading Florida Department of Law Enforcement crime labs.

Gov. Scott is asking state legislators to pass a nearly $79.3 billion state budget for the coming year. He says the tax cuts, which are targeted largely at businesses, are needed to diversify the economy. The governor is recommending a 2.5 percent increase in money spent on public schools, but the bulk of that extra money would come from a rise in property taxes. There are other parts of the state budget that the governor recommended cuts including the reduction of nearly 1,000 state jobs.

State legislators will consider Scott’s recommendations when they start their annual session in January. View the entire budget on the state’s budget website.