Amid allegations of misconduct and review of an Inspector General’s report, the Florida Cabinet voted to terminate Ronald Rubin’s employment as commissioner of the Office of Financial Regulation on Thursday. Rubin, who had been suspended after being accused of sexual harassment, did not attend the meeting, though his attorney, Michael Tein, spoke on his behalf.

Florida’s CFO Jimmy Patronis, who had recommended Rubin for the position, spoke about his disgust at what was included in the Inspector General’s report, outlining 10 instances that the IG deemed as harassing toward other employees.

Patronis, who said Rubin was “unfit for public office in the state of Florida, motioned for Rubin’s immediate termination. Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried asked that a vote be withheld until the next cabinet meeting due to public notice issues, however, it was deemed that notice was sufficient as the issue of the IG Report was included on the meeting agenda.

Rubin had previously been an enforcement attorney for the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and worked at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

An interim Commissioner has not yet been identified but will likely be put in place during the next scheduled Cabinet meeting. The fulltime position will be re-advertised, opening on Monday, July 29 and closing at the time a new commissioner is hired by the cabinet.

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