Due to Hurricane Dorian, the Florida Office of Financial Regulation has issued a Proclamation which allows financial institutions to close one or more or all of its branch offices when the officers determine that an emergency exists. The proclamation is in accordance with provisions afforded by Chapter 655.90, Florida Statutes.

If you believe weather conditions relating to the impending storm warrant temporary closure of your institution’s offices, please refer to the notice requirements within Chapter 655.90, Florida Statutes.

On Thursday, Gov. Ron DeSantis issued Executive Order 19-190, declaring all 67 counties of Florida under a State of Emergency. The new order is an amendment to Wednesday’s declaration, which covered only a limited number of counties expected to be impacted.

issued an emergency order on Wednesday declaring a state of emergency for some Florida counties in anticipation of the hurricane.

Contact the Division of Financial Institutions mainline at 850-410-9800 with questions.