Thursday was the heaviest day at the Southeast Leadership Development Conference (SLDC). The day had three general sessions, an update from Rep. Randy Davis, seven education sessions, and a special presentation. Jim Phillips, a longtime CEO at BF Goodrich Credit Union in Tuscaloosa, couldn’t attend the Southeast Credit Union Conference & Expo in June to receive his LSCU Distinguished Service Award. At the SLDC, he not only was honored with the award, he was surprised by his two sons attending.

The main topics of the general session were your ownership advantage and collaborative consumption. Doug Nielsen showed credit unions how finding clarity and focus every day would make them better leaders. He challenged them to find a word or words that defined the core of who they are and chart a daily course. He said if they will be true to themselves and let their actions match their words, they will see a difference in how their credit union is run.

Brent Dixon laid out how millennials are using a collaborative consumption to live their lives. He said they will take less money to be happy. Collaborative consumption is using existing resources and using them instead of owning things. Dixon cited examples like Uber, FlightCar, and Aribnb. Attendees were shown how millennials are becoming more familiar with non-traditional lenders and peer-to-peer lenders. They are finding that using new lending methods are easier than the traditional model.

Alabama House Majority Whip Rep. Randy Davis (R-Mobile) spoke at the Governmental Affairs luncheon. He said that the state is doing a good job of paying back the money it has borrowed from other funds and that the state has $718 million left to pay. He also said that Alabama is the fourth largest water shed area in the world. That makes the state a good area to do business so the state is trying hard to attract more businesses like it has getting Airbus in Mobile.

The day also included Vining Sparks Chief Economist Craig Dismuke who said the U.S. economy is growing, but wages are falling behind. Seven education sessions were held, as well as two hours of exhibit hall time.

The SLDC concludes today with the CUSC of Alabama annual meeting and Chuck Gallagher talking about ethics in business. Follow the SLDC on the League’s Facebook page and Twitter feed. Search #SLDC2015.