Credit unions have two weeks to send comments to the NCUA concerning the Field of Membership (FOM) rule changes. Bankers have been sending in comments to the NCUA asking the agency to not amend the rule. Credit unions are urged to take a few minutes and send in a comment in support of the changes.

By utilizing Power Comment, credit unions can easily send their FOM comment to the NCUA with most of the work already done. Power Comment has links to a summary of the changes, the full proposed rule, and a guide on how to write a comment letter. There are questions to ponder before sending in your comment. There is also an option to have most of the copy already provided and you just insert copy about your credit union and it’s thoughts on the FOM rule.

Credit unions can not let the bankers inundate the NCUA with comments. Take a few minutes to click the Power Comment link and send in your comment today. Forward the link to your staff and directors. Comments are due to the NCUA by Feb. 8.