Paula Knowles, fraud analyst at Family Savings Credit Union in Gadsden, AL, realized something was not right when on April 12, the CU was inundated with a large number of calls about strange transactions and fraud reports. Instead of reporting the problem and walking away, she started digging and was able to determine the common point of purchase, a nearby convenience store, as well as a time period. Within a short time, the Attorney General’s office arrived and soon found a skimmer still located on one of the gas pumps at the nearby store.

The credit union took calls all day to assist their members, which included several victims and ended up reissuing almost 300 debit cards. After reviewing video footage at the store, authorities soon had one of the suspects in custody, while one is still at large.

Quick action on the part of Knowles and the authorities prevented this from being a greater loss than it was for everyone involved.  Read more here.