This week the House Financial Services Committee will be marking up H.R. 2205, the Data Security Act of 2015. The bill contains several provisions CUNA and the League have advocated for, including more stringent data security standards for merchants, allowing credit unions to disclose and identify to members details of the breach, and ensures that one law will provide uniform protections across the country.

The League is asking its members, specifically those credit unions based in Financial Services member districts (Reps. Murphy, Posey, Ross, and Sewell) to reach out to their legislator by contacting their office, voicing support for this bill and its’ provisions. If you are a MAP credit union that has previously engaged in the “Stop the Data Breaches” campaign with an update on H.R. 2205, CUNA will be requesting you to contact your advocates.

You can also voice your support for H.R. 2205 by going to CUNA’s grassroots action center. A sample letter is provided. Each office sees the urgency in the issue when they hear from a lot of credit unions.

The mark-up of this bill is a great step forward as CUNA and the League continue to advocate for stronger data security to protect credit unions.