Data security and privacy issues create economic and even national security concerns, CUNA Chief Advocacy Officer Ryan Donovan wrote to Congressional offices recently. Donovan reached out to Senate Commerce and House Energy and Commerce Committee staff, linking to a recent Wall Street Journal article about Chinese spying efforts against the U.S.

The article Donovan linked to notes that China’s espionage efforts “is being abetted by an ocean of hacked personal data that may help pinpoint who is vulnerable to inducements.”

The message links to CUNA’s document on data security and privacy solutions, which are:

  • Fix the weak links in the payments/transaction space by enacting legislation that holds each link in the transaction accountable in order to incentivize entities to strengthen security
  • Standardize the patchwork of regulations that currently exist and make it easier for hackers to expose vulnerable targets; and
  • Protect American interests by making data security and privacy a national security priority.

CUNA has previously reached out directly to policymakers, including in recent letters to House and Senate subcommittees and direct emails to all 535 Congressional offices.

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