Topics and concerns for your IT staff never seem to diminish. Recent reports have created a stir with news that hackers can potentially steal biometric data from ATM machines and then commercialize the sale of devices facilitating its capture.

On Sept. 22, Kaspersky Lab reported there are already at least 12 sellers offering skimmers capable of stealing victims’ fingerprints from ATMs. At least three underground sellers are said to be researching devices that could illegally obtain data from palm vein and iris recognition systems, as well. This news and reports speculating that it is possible for hackers to steal information stored on EMV chip cards are creating quite an uproar in cyber security conversations.

The news caused one British regulator to write a letter to financial institutions telling them to report on the steps they are taking to secure biometrics. What makes this report disturbing is that, whereas compromised ATM and credit cards can be reissued, you can’t change someone’s biometric data. For more details, read CUInsight.