CUNA Senior Director of Advocacy and Counsel Leah Dempsey appeared on the Brownstein Client Conversations podcast Monday to discuss the state of frivolous lawsuits hitting credit unions due to uncertainty with how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) applies to websites.

During the podcast, Dempsey discussed the ways plaintiffs’ attorneys are exploiting uncertainty in the ADA to file these lawsuits and CUNA’s compliance resources for credit unions, among other items.

  • The difference in court opinions on how the ADA applies to websites;
  • The role of Congress and the Department of Justice in creating a solution; and
  • The effect that these lawsuits have on member-owned credit unions;

CUNA has made finding a solution for credit unions a top advocacy priority. CUNA has filed several amicus briefs around the country, including in Alabama, supporting credit unions facing these lawsuits.

Listen to the podcast here.