The Filene Research Institute announces that Credit Union National Association (CUNA) has renewed its primary sponsorship of the Cooperative Trust for another three years, making it possible for the group to embark on a new mentorship program and Crash events.

The Cooperative Trust, Filene’s award-winning community for credit union young professionals, continues to grow and adapt to the needs of its members. CUNA’s support enables the Cooperative Trust to mature and enhance its programs to provide the most engaging experience.

Last month, the Cooperative Trust unveiled its new logo and website, enhancing the online community and its potential to connect young credit union professionals with likeminded peers around the world. The updated brand reflects the continued growth of the group and its commitment to create a broader and deeper impact.

In addition to rebranding, the Cooperative Trust is now piloting a mentorship program to test a match system and provide resources and touch-points to ensure the best outcomes for the mentor, the mentee, and the overall industry. The Guided Mentorship Program aims to connect experienced credit union leaders with young professionals using various tools and resources.

Filene is also excited to share the calendar of Crash events for the second half of 2018. These events provide credit union young professionals with expert development tools, the opportunity to network with industry leaders and peers, and the platform to advocate for the role of young people in the credit union industry.

Young professionals (35 and under, or “35 at heart”) in the credit union industry can apply now for up to three Crash events at once:

  • June 18-21: Crash the Visa Payments Forum
  • June 28 – July 1: Crash the ACUC
  • August 12-15: Crash the DCUC Annual Conference
  • September 12-15: Crash the CUNA Technology and Operations & Member Experience Councils Conference
  • September 26-28: Crash the Filene Research in Action: War for Talent
  • October 28-31: Crash the CUNA Lending Council Conference
  • December 6-7: Crash Filene’s big.bright.minds.