CUNA Mutual Group and Credit Union National Association (CUNA) today announced that CUNA Mutual Group has made a $1 million commitment for 2018 to the groundbreaking, research-based effort being led by CUNA to grow consumer awareness and consideration of credit unions as the best financial partner for American consumers.

CUNA Mutual Group’s contribution will directly support the management, ongoing consumer research, and creative content development for CUNA’s program to effectively and sustainably create an environment for credit unions to thrive and grow in an increasingly competitive financial services marketplace.

In addition to CUNA Mutual Group, several other organizations have made substantial contributions and commitments to Awareness that additionally include the purchase of targeted, digital media in their geographic areas. These include Coastal Credit Union, Ent Credit Union, Redwood Credit Union, CUNA Councils, CEFCU, and Local Government Federal Credit Union.

CUNA in June announced that its three-year, $100 million national program would launch in January 2019 around the “Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union” creative concept. Working together with the state credit union Leagues, CUNA plans to build a nationwide “Open Your Eyes” program through a series of regional and statewide campaigns.

CUNA Mutual Group President and CEO Robert N. Trunzo said: “Our commitment to America’s credit unions has never been stronger. By supporting CUNA and the Leagues on this important initiative, CUNA Mutual believes we can collectively increase consumer consideration of credit unions and position them for a bright future. We believe in this initiative, and we are excited to play this leading role in its success.”

CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle said: “This substantial support from CUNA Mutual Group is a clear sign of both their belief in the future of credit unions and a reflection of the unique relationship between our two organizations, a relationship that goes back not just decades but generations. By contributing to the infrastructure that will support local investments by credit unions and Leagues directly into the ‘Open Your Eyes’ program, CUNA Mutual will be playing a vital role for our industry. We thank them on behalf of all of America’s credit unions.”

Douglas Kiker, CUNA’s Chief Strategic Communications Officer who is leading the Awareness Initiative, added: “Credit unions are and will remain at the heart of what we do every day. The Awareness Initiative will succeed in moving the consideration needle with consumers, but we need financial partners to make that happen. To that end, thank you to these early leaders for their commitments.”