CUNA launched its latest Member Activation Program (MAP) Campaign this week, “Stop the Data Breaches,” focused on educating and activating members to call on members of Congress to enact data breach legislation. CUNA will be hosting a free, members-only Stop the Data Breaches webinar Tuesday, July 31 at 3 p.m. ET.

“Credit unions know what a serious issue data breaches are, whether it’s a large data breach at a retailor like Home Depot or Sears or a breach of an online retailer. They all have a cost to credit unions and members,” said CUNA Chief Political Officer Richard Gose. “The goal of this campaign is to get credit unions to activate their members in the coming weeks and educate members about what these data breaches mean for them, and then to activate those members to reach out to members of Congress and demand a solution.”

MAP is a program designed for credit unions to get members engaged in credit union advocacy. CUNA provides customizable content geared around a particular campaign, the credit union delivers the content to members, and members discover ways to play a role in the future of their credit union.

Credit unions that sign up for the MAP data breaches campaign will have access to sample long- and short-form email templates that they can go out to their members with. The templates can be customized to match credit unions’ existing marketing materials and format.

Members will be directed to the consumer-facing Stop the Data Breaches website, which provides resources about data breaches, information on how to protect members, the latest data breach news and a way to write an e-mail and/or tweet to members of Congress.

Stakeholders can also use CUNA’s newly launched MAP community to ask questions, get feedback and share results and resources with credit unions around the country.