The first presidential debate has aired amidst a media flurry, and the timing is right for CUNA’s launch of the next phase of its innovative Strong Credit Unions, Strong Middle Class campaign. Now, the Open Debate Coalition launched a new website that allows citizens to submit questions to the presidential candidates. If the question about credit unions receives enough votes, ABC and CNN moderators will consider it for the next Presidential Debate on Oct. 9. It only must finish in the Top 30.

A button has been added to the MiddleClass2016 website where our members can vote for this question directly. You can also post messages on Facebook, Twitter, and a separate message board.

Credit union members are encouraged to express that any discussion of the middle class during the debates should include credit unions.

Middle class credit union members saw $8.4 billion in direct financial benefits for the year ending March 2016, and the average credit union household saved $160 during that time. CUNA’s key points in the Strong Credit Unions, Strong Middle Class campaign include:

  • As member-owned, not-for profit financial institutions, credit unions save middle-class consumers hundreds of dollars each year.
  • By offering middle-class families a lower-cost choice for financial services, credit unions help keep big banks honest.
  • Credit unions help middle-class consumers weather economic storms by avoiding risky behaviors pursued by big banks.
  • Credit unions put people ahead of profits.