The CUNA board voted on Thursday to modernize its bylaws to reflect a more open and inclusive form of membership structure. This change comes a few months after the CUNA board had voted to continue with the dual membership model. After having a time to reflect, the board recognized that a change in bylaws was needed.

“While the board strongly believes in an interdependence model — one in which CUNA is working in concert with our league partners on behalf of credit unions — we also believe that the time is now for CUNA to change and modernize its bylaws in response to the evolving needs and demands of our credit union members,” said Susan Streifel, CUNA chairwoman in a statement.

CUNA will draft new bylaws and present them to the board in early 2016 before being presented to the membership. Visit CUNA’s website for a video from CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle that addresses the latest steps by the CUNA board to modernize its bylaws.

LSCU & Affiliates President/CEO Patrick La Pine, also a CUNA board member, will write more about this process in his President’s Point column in Monday’s eSignal Daily.