The CU Times released its latest group of Women to Watch in its most recent issue. Community South Credit Union CEO Jan Page was featured for her small town values. Page, who grew in Chipley, FL, where her credit union is headquartered, has led the credit union to grow from $43 million in assets in 2007 to more than $109 million in 2016. She told the Times that service has always been in her heart.

“When we have members who come in, whom others wouldn’t talk to, I’m proud that we can serve them and make a difference in their lives,” she explained. “Our service also makes a difference in our community as a whole; we’re increasing the financials of the community.”

Community South has 96 percent penetration with its members on checking accounts. She has also driven to people’s houses to drop off loan documents. She says knowing her membership is a big piece of the credit union success.

“You need to determine your identity, who you want to reach, and how you want to reach them,” she said. “You must know your target market and meet the needs of that market.”

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