By Jan Sheffield, Chief of Staff, First Commerce Credit Union

Credit unions are well known for their customer service. But each time our credit union hears a story about how a member was touched by the staff, it still makes us proud. Recently, one of our members and former staff members, Ruby Nell Vause Smith Anderson passed away. She was 90 years old. She not only touched everyone that worked with her and knew her, but she also touched so many of our members.

RubyRuby worked at our credit union for 23 years; retiring in 1993. During her time at the credit union, she set the bar very high for our standard of member service. She would often go the “extra mile” to help a member, but she also had a way of being stern with them to where they promised her they would clean up their credit. Many would stop back by the credit union to say that Ruby “helped them when no one else would.” She was a shining example of how one should live their life – doing things for others that you’d like done for you.

At her funeral, we were reminded once again how much she touched our members. A complete stranger asked the family if he could speak. He is a member that saw the obituary in the paper and just wanted to let the family know how much Ruby meant to him. She was 21 years older than him, but served as a mentor, guiding him on a path to financial well-being for life. He said he saw her almost every day for 30 years going all the way back to when our office was in the basement of the Caldwell Building until her retirement. The relationship between Ruby and this member is the epitome of a “financial partner for life.” That is why we do what we do at First Commerce.