Credit unions in Alabama and Florida had a good day in their respective legislatures on Thursday. In Alabama, SB 209, the Alabama Credit Union Act update, sponsored by Sen. Bill Holtzclaw (R-Madison), passed by a 25-0 vote in the Senate. The bill was added to the Senate calendar Thursday morning and was the final piece of legislative business the Senate took up before adjourning for the weekend. The bill now moves to the House and may be heard in committee as early as Wednesday.

In Florida, two pieces of legislation that the LSCU Advocacy team has been working on passed in the Senate.  SB 912, a data security bill that would protect consumers from skimmers at gas pumps and SB 1104, a bill that changes laws regarding service of process for financial institutions both passed unanimously through the full Senate. Both bills, which are sponsored by Sen. Anitere Flores (R-Miami), now head to the House before hopefully being sent to Gov. Rick Scott before session ends.

The Advocacy team thanks Sen. Holtzclaw and Sen. Flores for their support of credit unions and the issues that matter most to them. These are also issues that will help credit unions in Alabama and Florida better serve their members.