Moving in to the fifth week of the run, the 2015 Cooperative Image Campaign shareable content ads have had more than 545,000 views. The “Kids Petting Zoo,””Slap Fight,” and “Wedding Photographer” continue to get views through the various social media channels and online.

Compared to last year’s numbers, the TV ads were used on YouTube last year and received about 490,000 views in eight to 10 weeks. That total has been surpassed in less than half the time with this year’s run. The ads on Facebook continue to get “likes” and there have been several “consumers” share the posts or make comments like “Amen!” or “Credit unions are awesome!”

Participants of the campaign continue to share the ads through their social media to some extent and we continue to encourage everyone to make it a routine during the week to utilize one or more of the campaign elements whether it is an ad, a web banner, or one of the social media cover images.

Kudos to the Birmingham Chapter/YPG that used the campaign logo on one of their event invitations!

As a reminder, if your credit union contributed to the campaign, you have access to a variety of campaign resources on the LSCU Cooperative Image Campaign Resource webpage. These include TV and “shareable content” ads, radio ads, logos, web banners, and suggested social media posts. If you have any problems accessing any resources, contact LSCU VP of Communications Mike Bridges or Director of Communications Amy Jowers.