Comments on several Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (CFPB) proposals, as well as suggested changes to NCUA bylaws, are due in May. The first CFPB RFI deadline, on civil investigative demands, was last week, and the remainder of the series of RFIs will be due over the coming weeks.

NCUA issued an advance notice of proposed rulemaking in March to solicit stakeholder comments on ways to streamline, clarify and improve the standard federal credit union bylaws. The board is considering a number of significant changes to the bylaws to provide enhanced flexibility and reduce compliance burdens.

  • May 7: CFPB request for information to assist the bureau in considering whether and how to amend its Rules of Practice for Adjudication Proceedings;
  • May 14: CFPB request for information on the overall efficiency and effectiveness of its enforcement of federal consumer financial law, and whether changes are appropriate;
  • May 21: NCUA proposed rule on suspension and debarment of NCUA contractors, management officials, key employees and affiliated business entities of such contractors;
  • May 21: CFPB request for information on its supervision program, and whether changes would be appropriate;
  • May 29: CFPB request for information on its public and non-public external engagements, including but not limited to field hearings, town halls, roundtables, non-public meetings and public meetings of the bureau’s Advisory Board and councils.