CO-OP Financial Services and FCTI, Inc. announced that the two companies have reached an agreement ensuring that approximately 8,000 ATMs located in 7-Eleven stores nationwide will continue to be a part of the CO-OP ATM network.

In July 2015, 7-Eleven, Inc. announced FCTI as its new ATM provider. The multi-year agreement between FCTI and CO-OP Financial Services keeps the CO-OP ATM network in 7-Eleven stores, with the transition to FCTI operated-ATMs scheduled for 2017.

“FCTI has been a long-term partner of CO-OP, dating back to 2004,” said Todd Clark, President/CEO of CO-OP Financial Services. “This agreement continues to enable millions of surcharge-free transactions for members of participating credit unions every year, so members can conveniently avoid being charged. The CO-OP ATM network remains the largest credit union-only ATM network, larger than any single commercial bank fleet, at 30,000 machines. We look forward to working with FCTI, especially during the transition period, to make sure the switch to FCTI machines is done without access interruption to members.”

In addition, the CO-OP/FCTI partnership will bring additional locations into the network from the approximately 5,000 terminals currently owned and operated by FCTI.

CO-OP is a business partner of LEVERAGE from both a core processing and networking perspective as well as from a shared branching perspective. For your financial needs with CO-OP ATM services, please contact, LEVERAGE.