When Equifax was breached by hackers, the personal information of 147 million consumers was potentially compromised. Now that the Federal Trade Commission reached an agreement with Equifax to pay up to $700 million in compensation, consumers are entitled to file for their portion of damages and have until Jan. 22, 2020, to file claims.

By going to the Equifax website, you can file to receive $125 if you signed up for credit monitoring. That part is easy to do. You can also file for any time you spent researching potential damage to your credit or attempting to have fraudulent charges removed from you account.

According to an article in CNET, “As part of the settlement, you can file a claim to be compensated for the costs of recovering from the security breach — including any costs associated with the theft of your identity and freezing and unfreezing your account– and compensation of unauthorized charges to your banking accounts. The agreement caps payouts at $20,000 per person.”

The article details how to file: “To get begin submitting a claim, check if your information was exposed as part of the data breach. Then, if your personal information was part of the hack, gather documents and files that support your claim and show your expenses and losses related to the hack.” Go to the Equifax settlement site to file here. Read the Cnet article here.