International Credit Union (ICU) Day (Twitter #ICUDay) will be celebrated Thursday, a tradition dating back to 1948 when the third Thursday of October was set as a time to recognize and celebrate the achievements of the credit union movement. It’s also a perfect time to remind your members about all the services and benefits your credit union offers.

To help you get the most out of ICU Day, CU Insight shares four, fun marketing ideas:

  1. Make a window display: If you have a branch with heavy foot-traffic, ICU Day is a great opportunity to take advantage of it. Get your team together to create a fun display that promotes your credit union’s commitment to provide ongoing financial education to the local community.
  2. Try a guerrilla marketing campaign: Everyone loves a good high five. Simply have your team wear matching T-shirts for your CU, pick a busy spot around town, and start high fiving. You could also hand out some informational brochures and promotional swag while you’re at it. This is an easy and cost-effective way to promote your credit union and the services you offer around ICU Day.
  3. Host an open house: Want to draw people into your branches? Spread the spirit of community and ICU Day by hosting an open house. Make it a community event with snacks from local vendors and fun, fall activities. You could even tie-in Halloween to help draw in more potential members.
  4. Promote your events on social media: If you’re already planning events, you definitely need to take advantage of promoting them. Social media is a great way to engage with your members and your community. By taking advantage of social media and social media advertising, you can help boost the reach of your posts to increase awareness of all your planned ICU Day activities.
The World Council of Credit Unions has marketing materials to help further advertise ICU Day in-branch. Read more at CU Insight.