For Navigant Credit Union, it was essential to find an overdraft provider with a fully compliant solution—along with an abundance of expertise in regulatory compliance, and a track record of great service and results. After completing vendor due diligence, including obtaining references from several credit unions, the CU selected the JMFA OVERDRAFT PRIVILEGE program.

“JMFA has a reputation in the credit union community of providing a reliable, turn-key solution that incorporates compliance-tested best practices and a high level of support,” said Navigant CU Chief Retail Banking Officer Kathy Orovitz.

JMFA OVERDRAFT PRIVILEGE supports the credit union’s member service philosophy in the following ways:

  1. A focus on compliance and best practices ensures the overdraft program’s integrity and credibility.
  2. On-going, high-quality employee training increases understanding of proper usage and supports long-term program success.
  3. Account holder communications recommendations and materials create consistent information flow.
  4. Comprehensive analytics provide accurate and efficient account tracking capabilities to improve program performance.
  5. Compliance expertise and the program’s guarantee surpasses competitor programs.

Since implementing JMFA’s overdraft program, Navigant has seen more than a 300 percent increase in non-interest income. Read the entire case study.