The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it the perfect storm for fraudsters and criminal activity affecting financial institutions. SHAZAM’s course outlines basic lobby reopening considerations financial institutions should address now, prior to opening. Topics include:
* Current robbery trends
* ATM skimming activity
* Reopening physical security considerations

This webinar is free of charge and will be broadcasted on Zoom.

This webinar is presented by:

Presenter: Michael Burke, Senior Robbery and Crisis Management Consultant, SHAZAM

Mike came to SHAZAM in January 2016 with over 30 years of experience in retail loss prevention, criminal justice education, law enforcement and homeland security.

During his law enforcement career as a sergeant detective Mike was a case agent for financial institution robberies, drug investigations and homicides. Mike has been recognized by the United States Attorney Office for his meritorious acts in the investigation and prosecution of a methamphetamine trafficking organization.

He is founding director of Iowa Central Homeland Security Training Center, responsible for development, implementation and instruction of over 40,000 first responders in critical homeland security curriculum. Active Shooter law enforcement response training and conducting threat assessments for government facilities were included in his responsibilities.

Mike is a member of the Midwest Financial Fraud Investigators Association (MFFI) to assure SHAZAM Clients are receiving relevant, timely and accurate training.

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May 27

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST