Preparing for What’s Next: Consumer Insights and Industry Trends Likely to Influence the People We Server

COVID-19 has touched everyone and everything. Credit unions must recognize the disparities between how the pandemic impacted our various membership segments.

Plus, there are industry and consumer trends every credit union leader needs to have on his or her radar. From automotive and transportation to housing and professional services, what’s happening in these sectors affect our business.

Equipped with real-time research specific to northeast Florida, Mike Anderson, director of consumer analytics and insights for Cox Media Group, will touch on the items below in a 45-minute presentation:

Things people can’t wait to resume
• Empathy and active listening more critical now than ever
Emerging industry and consumer behavioral trends attributed to COVID-19
• Dashboards to monitor related to COVID-19
On-going trends we should be watching

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Thursday, April 15, 2021

6:00 p.m. EST