The Global Women’s Leadership Network’s Florida Sister Society Chapter is planning Building Business Relationships: Women, Power & Golf for Dec. 8 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Grande Vista Golf Club and Marriott Golf Academy.

Women continue to face not-so-subtle bias in the corporate space. Even when they have reached the highest echelons of business, women still contend with outright barriers to networks of power. Golf and business go hand in hand. Golf has long been the game of business people. It has social cache, while at the same time, it’s not too physically demanding. It’s good for building the rapport, conversation, and friendly competition at the core of strong business relationships. But, the majority of women avoid the game. This is a missed opportunity to build strong relationships that can help advance careers. Golf is a great way to build relationships and network outside and within any industry.

Come join us for a two-hour private golf lesson to include golf etiquette, posture, grip, alignment, putting, and full swing. If you are already a pro, come join us and play on the green!

The cost to attend is $20 per person payable at the door. The fee is waived for attendees associated with the Young Professional Group (YPG). After the lesson, food and drinks in the club house is available for purchase. Please RSVP to Linh Dang