The LSCU & Affiliates (LSCU) is seeking to create more engagement opportunities with credit union leaders in the new year. To connect credit union employees in Alabama and Florida with other like-minded industry peers, the LSCU is taking steps to establish a council program for affiliated credit unions. The purpose of the councils is to offer social networking, professional development and education, and the ability to collaborate with peers to generate success for you and your credit union.

The first step in launching this program is to create an exploratory executive committee that will provide strategic guidance, as well as the necessary legwork, to establish the structure. To make this happen, the LSCU needs assistance in the two areas:

  • Select Executive Committee Members– Applications are now being accepted to serve on the LSCU Councils Executive Committee. If you are interested in joining, complete the executive committee application. The only eligibility requirement is that you hold a leadership position at your credit union. Please be prepared to provide basic contact information, as well as thoughtful responses about how you would bring value to the process. The committee will consist of six credit union leaders: three from Alabama and three from Florida.
  • Collect Survey Data– Not every LSCU Councils leader needs to join the executive committee to make an impact. Completing a brief LSCU Councils survey, which takes less than five minutes, will provide the incoming executive committee with much-needed insight on how to structure the program.

The deadline for executive committee applications, as well as survey feedback, is Friday Jan. 25. For more information on the selection process, please contact Ryan O’Connor, vice president, marketing & communications.