After longtime CFPB Director Richard Cordray resigned Friday and designated his chief of staff, Leandra English, as his temporary replacement, a battle over leadership of the office ensued. President Trump named Mick Mulvaney to head the CFPB shortly after English was designated by Cordray.

LSCU sources shared information that the CFPB’s general counsel has issued an internal menu that asserts the appointment of Mulvaney to head CFPB today is valid. This follows in the wake of a lawsuit filed last night in U.S. District Court by Deputy Director English. In the suit, English called herself the “rightful acting director” of the CFPB and asked for a temporary restraining order to prevent Mulvaney’s appointment.

It’s unclear whether this memo will have any bearing on the lawsuit. The memo was distributed to CFPB senior staff Sunday.

According to Senate staff, who obtained the memo, Mulvaney was expected to show up at the CFPB this morning to attempt to begin running the bureau.