Registration for The LSCU Lending School on April 17-18 in Birmingham, AL, is now open. The LSCU Credit Scoring & Analysis Lending School is designed with management, lending managers, loan officers, MSRs, and collection staff in mind to help improve loan decisions, increase revenue and profitability (ROA), increase loan opportunities, and increase membership growth retention.

Don Arkell, Senior Consultant at CU Lending Advice, will ensure participants will learn how to develop a lending philosophy that can lead to better loan decisions, more loan opportunities, and increased profitability. They will discover how to use the credit report to capture more loan opportunities and build member loyalty, gain knowledge of how credit scores are calculated and what impacts the credit score, discover the best way to analyze the credit report to better assess risk, learn how to evaluate risk and make better loan decisions, understand the correct way to analyze a member’s total debt ratio, recognize and analyze bankruptcy indicators, and determine the best approach to close your loans to make sure you maintain preferred payment status with your members. Register now!