10 Easy Ways to Automate Customer Service for Ecommerce Businesses

how to automate customer service

Chatbots are one of the primary and most efficient ways of automating support interactions today. Leading platforms often integrate all of the features we are about to discuss in one seamless experience. This trend works well for automating support since it’s giving the customer exactly what they want.

Why AI-enabled customer service is key to scaling telco … – McKinsey

Why AI-enabled customer service is key to scaling telco ….

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Thus, if you are not known for quick service, they may switch to a company that is. The most crucial component of the formula for customer service efficiency is a fast response. Heavy manual tasks are the bane of most customer service representatives’ lives since they’re often tedious and time-consuming. An email can contain many such placeholders to help you deliver personalization at scale. And this personalization can go a long way in helping you provide an excellent customer experience by ensuring that your customers feel like they’re being heard. There are many options available, and the cost varies depending on the features and functionalities.

How Much does it Cost to Automate Customer Service?

Automating customer service increases productivity, builds customer loyalty, and grows profits. Check out our complete guide to chatbots to learn types, benefits, and how to implement them. On the one hand, we’ve already said that automation makes personalization efforts much easier, and minimizing errors and reducing costs are very important advantages.

You can also build omnichannel marketing campaigns by referencing customer data from different platforms. For example, the majority of customers prefer a live chat function because it offers quick replies at any time, day or night. For instance, customer support at a clothing company will deal with sizing and out-of-stock issues or returns and exchanges. Use on-brand, pre-written messages and introduce variables that automation fills in with customer data. Automation, like any technology, is subject to the occasional glitch or downtime. While this shouldn’t scare you away from using automation, it’s a good reason to avoid over-relying on automation to complete all your customer service duties.

Definition of customer service automation

Chatbots are the most externally evident manifestation of automated support. However, there are many more automated customer service tools that can be overlooked. When you automate customer service, you put an end to manual processes, human errors, and unhappy customers.

  • This helps boost agent productivity and allows agents to focus on resolving issues that truly require a human touch.
  • With effective automation workflows in place you can scale your brand knowing that your customers will always receive the high standard of customer service that they expect.
  • Begin by automating those simple, repetitive customer service tasks that seem to crop up again and again.
  • Paired with neural machine translation (NLT) services, they can even detect the customer’s location and tweak the phrasing according to localized linguistic and cultural nuances.
  • With this feature, incoming queries are auto-assigned based on support agents’ availability, in a round-robin manner.

Apart from providing instant answers to all the support-related questions, you can connect the chatbot with your knowledge base to boost the level of automated responses. The use of AI technologies is helping businesses automate and deliver seamless customer support. Due to the emergence of these path-breaking technologies, it’s now possible to take the automation route and empower customers with self-service. That’s why more organizations now take to this new era of customer service and deliver value to customers.

Once your customer support process is working as it should, you can make it live. Make sure to let your customers know about your automated support channels and let them know what hours and days to expect a response. This will eliminate confusion and reduce the number of off-hour tickets and inquiries you receive.

how to automate customer service

One way to do this is to use AI to automatically send articles to customers who ask a questions that’s covered by one in your knowledge base. Check out our list of the best customer service software to find the right solution for you. Like with any other customer service or customer experience initiatives, you need to be able to measure performance. This way, supervisors don’t have to personally coach every call, but agents can still get the information they need to help customers and learn how to talk about challenging topics. Many people don’t like chatbots and virtual assistants because of how robot-like and scripted the interactions are.

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They can now free up their team’s time to focus on complex tickets, and in the rest of their time, move other projects forward. This technology allows support teams to instantly resolve basic issues or funnel more complex issues to the appropriate support team member, drastically reducing the number of active help desk tickets. Before you begin looking for a solution, you must first understand the problem it’s designed to fix. Meet with your customer service team to identify the workflows that would most benefit from automation, common roadblocks in your customer service process, and goals for your team’s performance. With these criteria in mind, you can make a more informed decision about which solution best fits your needs.


If the issue is petty, it is directed to self service platforms otherwise it is directed towards the experts. Such a service desk can be integrated over all platforms providing 360° degree omni channel service. This entails analysing customer support tickets continuously with AI algorithms to identify knowledge gaps in the available self-help materials.

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If that’s the case, one of your team will need to reply, and chances are, it’s an answer they’ve sent to multiple customers before this one. The more you can do to reduce context switching, the more your team can focus on delivering exceptional support to your customers. Most of your customers today are digital-native and prefer self-service interactions over needing to wait for an agent to solve their problem. Our data has found that 40-60% of queries in the majority of ecommerce businesses can be resolved with self-service. One of the main reasons your customers want and expect automation is because it speeds up the time it takes for them to receive an answer.

how to automate customer service

For instance if a customer is angry or frustrated, NLP can be used to approach the customer with an appropriately caring and gentle tone of messaging. Your system must be efficient enough to assign the right agent in time. After resolving the issue, the human agent can again transfer to the bot to collect feedback. Different customers have different requirements and separate approaches to online browsing. You have to automate services in a way that caters to all your customers, without leaving out any demographic. So, instead of a bot popping up in their faces, you might want to automate FAQs and smart knowledge bases.

Why you should consider automating customer support

AI chatbots can begin the conversation and inform customers about sales and promotions. By training your chatbot, you can enhance the chatbot’s immediate responses. You also increase the likelihood of your consumers witnessing a self-service fix, ensuring that no one feels lost. You’re either responding to a customer question or proactively helping a customer before they reach out to you. Predictive support is the newer and obviously preferred option, but it’s much harder to achieve.

  • For example, your knowledge base built with Customerly will automatically collect customer feedback on the articles.
  • On the one hand, we’ve already said that automation makes personalization efforts much easier, and minimizing errors and reducing costs are very important advantages.
  • Ultimate’s, for example, can recognize 109 languages thanks to our built-in-house language detection software.

Capacity is an industry leader in support automation for both customers and employees. From to advanced helpdesks, you can improve your company’s profitability while streamlining customer and employee experience. With well-designed workflows, you can answer various questions before they even arise. It allows customers to get support quickly since support teams are fully equipped to process queries.

If you consider a chatbot automation solution, check for all the messaging platforms that integrate with it. A good chatbot will work across your website, applications, SMS, Facebook messenger, and other native platforms. Customer service automation should be appealing to your customers, team members  and your business as a whole.. If any stakeholder is not benefitting from this technology, you should reevaluate your strategy. Pick the channels that suit both you and your customers and automate them.

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how to automate customer service